Short clipper

Clipper fades or super short scissor over comb work
$  20-32+

The Standard

For pixie length and beyond (ex. basic pixies, cleanups, basic bobs, long layers, maintainence & surface cutting)
$  30-65+

The Standard Creative

Transformation haircuts, or haircuts that requireadvanced techniques and skill to perform. This cuts includes detailing, thinning, wet & dry cutting and multiple shear work.
$  45-80+

Curly Hair Experience (Select Stylists)

This is for our first time clients getting a curly haircut. Our curl expert starts with a consultation and then does a dry haircut followed by a wash + deep condition. Finish with a step by step how to on washing, styling and caring for your curls.
$  85-150+

Curly Dry Cut

Have you already had the Curly Hair Experience? If so, this haircut is for you. Perfect for someone looking to just reshape their curls.
$  50-65+


This option is best for someone who has alread had our curly hair experience and needs a shape up and fresh wash with our luxurious curly hair products. Finsihed off with a customized styling product blend thats put into your hair to air dry.
$  75-90+

We take pride in our craft.We base our pricing system and offerings on the complexity and skill it requires to perform a service and the canvas we are working on rather than gender.

single color

Root Retouch

Cover those new grays or natural growth.
$  65-95+

All Over Color

Color from roots to ends all one shade
$  95-125+

Blonde retouch

This is for our on scalp bleach clients. Already blonde and need your roots touched up? If it's been less than 6 weeks this service is for you.
$  95-125+

blonde all over

Any on scalp/full blonding that is over 6 weeks grown out.
$  125-155+

Creative color

Some of our color services require us to go off menu. For vivid colors, multi colored hair and color corrections pricing will be a la carte.
$  consult

We create custom formulas with Pravana Chromasilk Crème hair color, Pravana Vivids, and Redken Shades EQ.

HIGHLIGHTING + hand painting


Just need a pick me up or a pop around your face or along your part. This option is for you.
$  65-95+

Half Head Highlight

Lighter, brighter and bolder balanced with your natural color
$  105-135+

Full Head Highlight

Even lighter, brighter or bolder with just a little of your natural.
$  135-165+


For those "almost" all over blonde looks your stylist may choose to add lots of foils/balayge wiht very little of your natural color remaining. This gives the hair a maximum punch of color
$  60 add-on

Dual technique


This service uses a combination of two blonding techniques to achieve desired lightness in specific areas. The dual technique gives a bolder and/or blonder look to the hair
$  110-140+

Half Head Highlight

This service uses a combination of two blonding/color techniques to achieve desired lightness in specific areas. Our half head option is one of our most popular, giving you the illusion of a full color while leaving the natural color underneath.
$  135-165+

Full Head Highlight

This services uses a combination of two blonding/color techniques to achieve desired lightness. The full head gives full coverage and ultimate brightness from the nape all the way to the front hairline.
$  170-200+

advanced haircolor

Some color services require us to go off menu such as corrective or creative haircolor. For example, major color transformations and multiple vivid colors. In these scenarios all services will be a la carte. Your stylist will discuss timing, upkeep and pricing before starting the service. These services may also require and complimentary in person consultation
$  175-205+


Express Toning

Some toning services only require a 5-10 minute processing time to achieve desired tone. This toner is applied & processes while you relax at the shampoo bowl.
$  22+

Full toning

Some toners require a 15-20 minute processing time to achieve the desired tone. This toner is applied while you relax at the shampoo bowl and then will process either under a dryer or in open air.
$  40+

Root Smudge Toning

A "root smudge" softens the root area and gives a natural soft grown out appearance. Most modern blondes have this look. After your blonding process is complete your stylist will delicately apply a translucent root color that will process in open air.
$  45+


Blowout short/long

$  30/45+


$  85+


Cezanne Smoothing

INTENSE - Reduces frizz and increases manageability. Reduce your drying and styling time by client reported 33-50%. Enjoy NO WAIT TIME to wash, color or pull your hair back. Works on all hair types and last up to 5 months on average. Formaldehyde-free.
$  275+

Keratherapy Brazilian Renewal

INTENSE - This ultra strength keratin smoothing treatment is best for coarse, unruly, extremely frizzy or resistant hair. The "no frizz" results help clients achieve ease and manageability of their texture along with ultimate shine and frizz reduction.
$  275+


Protein Treatment

Strengthens fine and brittle hair.
$  15

Moisturizing Treatment

Hydrating boost for dry and depleted hair.
$  15

Keratherapy Color Lock and Smooth

This 2 in 1 formula can be used after any service to help seal in color and prevent fading. It can also be used for an express keratin treatment to reduce frizz, add shine and assist with ease of styling. Lasts up to 4 weeks.
$  15

Silk Degrees Prep & Treat

Adds a layers of thermal protection to the hair. Adds, shine, reduces frizz, and helps to mend and seal split ends.
$  20

K18 Treatment

Goes deeper than any traditional bond-building treatments to repair the polypeptide chains that make up each individual strand of hair. Renews chemically treated hair in just 4 minutes by repairing damage from the inside out.
$  20-35

Brow Tinting

Enhances your natural brow by helping to create fuller and more dramatic look for your browns
$  12


Brow Wax

$  15

Lip Wax

$  15

Chin Wax

$  15



Add length, thickness, or color to your hair effortlessly with tape ins, hand-tied weft extensions, or a Halo! Comfortable and easy to maintain our extensions will transform your style. Requires a consultation. Prices vary and are quoted at time of consultation. PLATFORM, LINEONE, & HALOCOUTURE EXTENSIONS: 100 % human Remy hair extensions that provide comfortable results that last about 2 months. Consultation discussing length, color, and pricing is required for this service. Please call for more information or to make your reservation.




We understand that things happen, but if you need to reschedule your appointment, we ask that you kindly give at least 48 hours’ notice. This allows our stylists adequate time to fill their schedules. Our stylists are paid on commission: no shows and unfilled appointments mean they don’t get paid. Therefore, we respectfully ask that you let us know in advance if you're unable to make your appointment.

Breach of this policy may result in a deposit being required to schedule an appointment.

If you cancel your appointment less than 48 hours in advance, you forfeit any deposit made. If you no show, you forfeit your deposit and may be required to pay for your scheduled services before scheduling another appointment.

Contempo Artistries Salon reserves the right to deny booking any client that repeatedly breaches the cancelation policy.

* All pricing subject to change

** Prices for all salon and hair services vary depending on which member of our staff provides services: Tier 1-7.  Each tier has its own set of standards, expectations, experience, and required continuing education.

*** Contempo Artistries accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, check, and cash.

**** Tipping is left to the discretion of our clients. Gratuities are appreciated in the form of cash but may be left on credit card transactions. Gift certificates do not include gratuities.

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