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Salon Owner

Hairstylist / Colorist


Sam has been a valued member of the Contempo team for nine years.  Those years have seen her accomplish many things, including: becoming an educator and brand specialist for our color line, Pravana, working the DC Classic Beauty Show as a part of their entourage, managing the salon and its social media presence and, most recently, becoming the proud owner of Contempo Artistries Salon. 

As her fun-loving, adventurous clients will tell you, Sam is the master of seamless grow-outs.  Whether you go four weeks or six months between your color services, she strives to ensure that you'll love your hair every step of the way.  She fully believes there's a solution for every hair woe; as long as you're willing to listen and follow directions, you can have your dream hair.  One of her favorite things about being a hair stylist is creating the custom color that works best for your lifestyle.  She specializes in lived-in colors and seamlessly blended extensions that will have everyone complimenting your “natural” look.  

Sam keeps her clients and the Contempo team at the heart of every decision she makes.  She knows that taking steps into the unknown, while scary, is 100% worth it.  If she could impress upon you one thing, it's that: “We have the greatest team, and we are just getting started.”  

Certifications: Pravana Master Colorist, Cezanne/Keratherapy Smoothing Treatments, Hand-Tied Weft Extensions

Sam Loves:  teamwork, beach vacations, making you fall in love with your hair all over again


Contempo Head Shots


Salon Manager


Tori has been the face of Contempo's front desk for three years and counting.  In that time she has worked to educate herself on all aspects of salon life to better serve our clientele and team members.  She has sat in on product, service, and business classes at the Art of Business 2022 event, dedicated to absorbing as much knowledge as possible.  Most recently she has taken on the mantle of Salon Manager and thrown herself into the continued growth of the salon.  

Before Tori was a member of the Contempo team, she was a client herself.  She utilizes this unique point of view and her years of work in customer service to create an efficient and positive experience for you, from booking to checkout.  Contempo's jack of all trades, she steps in wherever she's needed to ensure the salon continues to operate at its highest potential.  

Tori is a firm believer that the success of Contempo hinges on the happiness of the clients and stylists who make the business possible, and she's always looking for ways to make a positive impact on their time in, or behind, the chair. 

Tori Loves:  problem solving, trips to Barnes & Noble, her fur kids: Daisy, Daphne, and Phoebe

Contempo Head Shots


Hairstylist / Colorist

ONLINE LOOKBOOK: @stylinangiebee

Angie is the longest standing member of the Contempo team with over eleven years of loving what she does under her belt.  She prides herself on finding her niche, where she can combine her passion for the beauty industry with her gift for working with people.  She's constantly educating herself to master new techniques and cutting edge trends, but through it all she keeps one thing consistently at the forefront of her mind: providing excellent service to her clients.  

Sitting in Angie's chair feels like visiting with an old friend.  She loves hearing what her clients have been up to since their last appointment and will gladly swap your stories for her own about her boyfriend, Bob, and his daughter, Onna, plus her three cats and rescue pup, Gemma.  

But it's not just the conversations that keep her clients coming back, it's her dedication to helping them overcome their hair frustrations, big or small. Whether you're managing grays or just need a haircut that will grow out beautifully, she's here to help you achieve your hair goals and make a genuine connection along the way. 

Certifications: Pravana Master Colorist, Cezanne/Keratherapy Smoothing Treatments, Curly Haircuts & Curly Girl Method, Hand-Tied Weft Extensions

Angie Loves:  spending time with family and friends, watching Bailey Sarian on YouTube, precision cutting and gray coverage

Contempo Head Shots


Hairstylist / Curl Specialist

ONLINE LOOKBOOK: @itsacuthairworld

Jen has been a hairstylist at Contempo for ten years, and she has spent that time perfecting her craft and building a loyal clientele.  She prides herself on having a wide range of talents behind the chair, but she'll tell anyone who asks that her biggest accomplishment is being a mom to two beautiful girls.  

With a background in art, Jen is Contempo's in-house color theory expert and a former educator for our EVO line.  She utilizes her artistic eye to mix the perfect custom colors and create personalized haircuts for her clients.  There's no color or cut that she's afraid to tackle, and she consistently shares her knowledge with the rest of our team, making her integral to the growth of Contempo's stylists. 

Recently Jen has focused her passion on all things curly hair.  Self-taught using DevaCurl and Rëzo techniques, she's Contempo's curly expert.  As a curly girl herself, she knows the struggle, and she has a love for educating her clients on how to get the most out of their unique texture.  She lives for those light bulb moments, when she can see in your eyes that you totally understand the ins and outs of your hair for the first time.  Clients have described her curly cuts, colors, and styles as “life-changing”.  One session in her chair and you'll be a client for life.  

Certifications: Curly Haircuts & Curly Girl Method, Pravana Master Colorist, Cezanne/Keratherapy Smoothing Treatments

Jen Loves: being outdoors, using her hands, making people love themselves more through their hair



Hairstylist / Makeup Artist

ONLINE LOOKBOOK: @beautyobsessed.byricci

Richelle joined the Contempo team four years ago and has been an asset to the salon ever since.  Her hard work and positive attitude have grown her into the role of Salon Education Director, training Contempo's up-and-coming stylists for their journeys behind the chair. 

A member of our bridal team, Richelle excels at updos and makeup applications and loves making you look picture-perfect for your big day.  She also excels in curly cutting, having learned from Contempo's curly hair guru, Jen, the techniques tailor-made to bring some bounce back to your tired curls. 

She is most passionate about cutting and balayage, but she's always down to help you cover your grays or bring any other fun ideas you have to life.  If you have a cut or color that you're struggling with, she wants to solve your problem and help you achieve the head of hair you've always dreamed of.  Her clients compliment her on her cuts and her sparkling personality, both of which speak for themselves! 

Certifications: Pravana Master Colorist, Cezanne/Keratherapy Smoothing Treatments, Curly Haircuts & Curly Girl Method, Hand-Tied Weft Extensions

Richelle Loves: her three cats: Blue, Luna, and Willow and her pup Oliver, when you love your hair so much you re-book out for months!


Contempo Head Shots


Hairstylist / Colorist

ONLINE LOOKBOOK: @brindsey_hair

Lindsey has been a part of the Contempo team for over a year now!  After starting as an assistant and passing the stylist training program with flying colors, she hit the ground running and began to build a loyal clientele.  

Lindsey loves all things cut and color, and urges her clients to trust the process; sometimes your vision takes time to bring to life.  She vibes well with people who don't take themselves too seriously and are open to having a little fun with their hair, whether it's with a new cut or a fresh pop of color.  Clients compliment Lindsey on her gentle hand and a superb shampoo.  

It's rare to visit Contempo and not hear Lindsey's laughter, and she's always ready with a bright smile and a fresh idea.  When she's not working behind the chair, she's hanging out with her son and says that becoming a mother is her biggest accomplishment to date.  

Certifications: Pravana Master Colorist, Cezanne/Keratherapy Smoothing Treatments, Hand-Tied Weft Extensions

Lindsey Loves: her son: Ezra, coffee, astrology

Contempo Head Shots


Hairstylist / Makeup Artist

ONLINE LOOKBOOK: @katekreates_

Kate joined the Contempo Team as an assistant in 2021 while she was still in beauty school. In her years at the salon she's graduated from Bella Cappelli Beauty Academy, tackled the position of Lead Assistant, passed Contempo's stylist training program, and begun her journey behind the chair

Kate holds an associate degree in finance, but her persistent love for the beauty industry inspired her to pursue the career of her dreams immediately after graduation. She loves having the opportunity to discover her passions and let her creativity loose!

When behind the chair, Kate loves to catch up and laugh with her clientele of peers. She loves coloring, foiling, makeup, and cutting, and recently obtained a certification in hand-tied extensions. 

With her honest, easy-going nature and her ever-expanding knowledge of all things hair, Kate is definitely going to be one to watch!

Certifications: Pravana Master Colorist, Cezanne/Keratherapy Smoothing Treatments, Hand-Tied Weft Extensions

Kate Loves: coffee, cats



Hairstylist / Salon Assistant

ONLINE LOOKBOOK: @samanthalongohair

Bio coming soon!



Salon Assistant

ONLINE LOOKBOOK: @lovelylooks_bylex

Alexi recently took the first steps toward her career as a hairstylist by joining the Contempo team as an assistant.  During the day she attends the tech program through her high school and in the evenings she assists and learns from Contempo's stylists.  She feels that having the opportunity to to explore and see so much through trade school is her favorite accomplishment. 

When behind the chair, Alexi loves building trust with her clients and communicating thoroughly with them to help realize their hair goals.  Her aim is always to educate and guide you through your hair decisions.  Alexi is often complimented on her persistence; she isn't truly happy unless her client is and wants to send you on your way satisfied and smiling. 

With her graduation, state boards, and Contempo's training program on the horizon for 2023, Alexi has lots to look forward to and a bright future ahead!

Certifications: COMING SOON!

Alexi Loves: music and instrumentals, laughing with others, color and natural hair services



Salon Assistant / Stylist in Training


Bio coming soon!



Salon Assistant

ONLINE LOOKBOOK: @hairbyninamarie_

Bio coming soon!

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