Balayage…its a trending word in the beauty world that most of us have heard, but do we really know what it means?  This blog post is to give you some insight into this “trend” and to see if this could be a beneficial option for your next color appointment.

Balayage, although very popular, is not a trend. It’s actually a technique used by hairstylists to create soft and natural looks with color.  The french work balayage means ‘to sweep’ and this form of lightening hair was brought to New York from France in the 70’s and 80’s and has been refined over the years.

Balayage gives hairstylists artistic freedom to create and customize highlights and color placement.  The results are sunkissed highlights that are natural and compliment the haircut.  The hand painted highlights have been increasingly popular because of the low maintenance regiment.

Haven’t had this technique done on your hair?  No problem, it’s a technique that can be done on all hair types, short, long, thick, think, straight or curly.

The seamless and low maintenance color technique isn’t going anywhere so ask your stylist about creating a custom look for you at your next appointment using the Balayge technique!

Blonde Balayage

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